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Documentum REST Services is a set of RESTful web services to interact with the Documentum platform. It is hypertext-driven, server-side stateless, and content negotiable, which provides you with high efficiency, simplicity, and makes all services easy to consume.

Announcing 7.3 GA release, December 2016

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speaker.png: A new Android sample is available on GitHub!




Overview, highlights, and design principles for Documentum REST Services


Documentum REST Services 7.3 goes GA NEWby Jonathan Robie and William Zhou on Dec 5, 2016
     Documentum REST Recap at EMC World 2016by William Zhou on May 7, 2016
Introduction to Documentum REST Extensibilityby William Zhou on Feb 28, 2016
New Features and Enhancements in Documentum REST Services 7.2by William Zhou on Feb 11, 2016
Make your Documentum REST clients hypermedia controlledby William Zhou on Apr 15, 2015
Documentum releases REST resourcesby Derek Zasiewski on Oct 8, 2013
     EMC Documentum Platform REST Services Tutorialby Jonathan Robie on Oct 8, 2013
     Documentum REST Technology Preview [Youtube]Mar 4, 2013


Tutorials about installing, extending and using Documentum REST Services






Free client code samples to help you interact with the Documentum REST Services



Further reading: Documentum REST Client Samples Are On GitHub (Code samples in EDN won't be maintained any longer)


API reference documentation, deployment guide and white papers on DELL EMC support website


Documentum Platform REST Services 7.3 Release Notes NEW
Documentum Platform REST Services 7.3 Development Guide NEW
Documentum Platform REST Services 7.3 Reference Guide NEW
Documentum Platform REST Services 7.3 Install Guide NEW
White Paper: Central Authentication Service (CAS) SSO for EMC Documentum REST Services
White Paper: CA SiteMinder SSO for EMC Documentum REST Services


Real world use cases, code samples, useful tips and best practice from community users


Using MuleSoft to Integrate with Documentumby Paul Sundquist on Sep 22, 2016
DCTMMobile applicationby Alvaro de Andres on Aug 1, 2014
Customizing/Extending REST servicesby Alvaro de Andres on Feb 17, 2014
Consuming RestFul services with GSON
by Alvaro de Andres on Feb 25, 2014




Debugging and troubleshooting for Documentum REST Services


Debugging Documentum REST Servicesby William Zhou on Apr 15, 2014



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