Demo Video:  Effect of VNX FAST Cache on a VDI Workload

In this demo video, you'll see a small scale test of a VDI workload of 20 desktops running on just 3 SAS drives on an EMC VNX array.  The desktops are running the Login VSI "Medium" workload.  The demo video will demonstrate setting up performance monitoring based on Response Time and % Utilization though the EMC Unisphere management interface, and what the effects are of running these desktop without any Flash technology.


After that part of the demonstration, you'll see how easy it is to enable FAST Cache on 2 SSD drives, without interrupting the test, and how quickly the Flash drives begin to dramatically decrease the response time (down from OVER 100ms) and take the disk utilization down with them as well.


This works because FAST Cache is able to quickly determine what blocks of data are being access the most and to transparently start serving those requests from SSD drives, rather than the much slower SAS Drives.



If you like the demo and want to see more info on how EMC sets up these tests and how you can use this information for your own VDI deployments, check out the list of EMC Reference Architectures and Solution Guides for VDI.