EMC and VCE:  Optimized Infrastructure For Hadoop

Addressing Industry Challenges


Organizations that have built Hadoop and adjacent solutions on commodity hardware are looking to transition to next generation infrastructure due to requirements around mission-critical availability and performance, interoperability with the rest of enterprise architecture, and privacy and security.  In evaluating the current and future architecture, the following challenges have become clearer:

  • Time-consuming and inefficient to migrate or continue replicating data that is part of the core systems to create an integrated architecture
  • Business demand is unpredictable and demands a service driven approach. However creating an environment to quickly provision new services is harder without multi-tenancy and virtualization
  • Commodity hardware with direct attached storage (DAS) is harder to manage as an enterprise infrastructure due to privacy, security and security concerns and lack of IT oversight
  • Availability and performance are becoming greater issues as aggregating a larger set of scattered data including social and mobile data across the enterprise is a significant undertaking  while businesses demand more stringent SLA end-to-end
  • Big data deployments based on commodity hardware are harder to replicate across data centers.  Dedicated appliances, while useful for specific analytics, are harder to upgrade and migrate technology components to newer generations
  • Difficulties in integrating legacy environments with new data and applications for analytic purposes incrementally

Big Data and Analytics on Vblock Systems


When deploying Big Data applications on Vblock systems, businesses can enjoy the benefit of standardizing on the optimized infrastructures across data centers while choosing the right set of compute, network and storage for the big data and analytic use cases:

  • Achieve elasticity, scalability and reliability benefits on Vblock 300 or 700 family utilizing Cisco B-series and best-in-class networks, and EMC VNX or Symmetric VMAX
  • Ensure mission-critical readiness of Hadoop deployment with EMC Isilon deployed on Vblock 300 or 700 family to exploit multi-tenancy, virtual / bare-metal implementation, HDFS integration, privacy and reliability advantage
  • Drive operational and performance gains running high performance databases in conjunction with running sophisticated analytics in an integrated environment
  • Ensure faster, better business outcome by analyzing massive quantities of data and scale within the cloud
  • Ensure data protection with VCE Data protection, including EMC Avamar, Data Domain, VPLEX and RecoverPoint
  • Future proof big data and analytic deployments with ease of upgrade for Compute, Network and Storage in response to to demand change and availability of new technologies.

Download the Solution Brief:  Big Data and Analytics with VCE and EMC