How do you expand disk space within SRM Suite

Add a virtual machine disk to a running system for use by suite virtual machines.



1. From the vSphere Console, add a new disk to a virtual machine.

2. Select Edit Settings on the virtual machine.

3. Click Add.

4. Select Hard Disk, then click Next.

5. Select Create a new virtual disk, then click Next.

6. Specify the disk size, the provisioning type, and the location of the disk, then click


7. Specify the virtual device node (the default value should be OK), then click Next.

8. Review the options, and then click Finish.

9. Access a Linux login prompt. You can access a login prompt through the vSphere

Console or using an SSH tool such as PuTTY.

10.Log in to Linux.

11.At the system prompt, type the command