EzSM does not show DA-IF values for Thin Devices.



EMC z/OS Storage Manager.



An empty screen is presented when a UCB for a Thin Device is entered on screen ECHRGDEV.

Screen ECHRGDEV does not permit the entry of a SYMDEV, which means it cannot display the DA0IF for a Data Device.





Thin Devices  are not directly related to DA-IF(s). Only Data Devices are; Data Devices do have a symdev number.


EzSM does not permit entry of SYMDEVs on panel ECHRGDEV; which means the DA-IF(s) for Data Devices may not be displayed.





Use of Thin Devices.







The screen is working as designed. Thin Devices do not have DA-IF information so there is nothing to present back to the user.


To obtain DA-IF information for a Data Device, enter the command:


SQ Mirror,0D01,<count>,<data-device-symdev-number>


1.<count> is the number of consecutive devices to display

2.<data-device-symdev-number> is the symdev for the first data device to display





For more information, Refer to EMC Solution Article 175701