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Video 1

EMC for SAPs HANA Platform - Introduction Why - What - Impact:  EMC offers choice for deploying infrastructure for SAP’s HANA platform.  Watch this video providing an overview of EMC’s deployment options for datacenter ready SAP HANA.


Feb 2015

Video 2

EMC for SAPs HANA Platform - Convenience of an Appliance with the Flexibility of TDI: What if you could have the convenience of an appliance with the flexibility of SAP tailored data center integration?  Watch this video to learn how EMC can deliver SAP HANA infrastructure prepackaged and ready to be integrated with existing IT.


Feb 2015

Video 3EMC Data Protection for SAP HANA; Backup and Restore:  Data protection for SAP is always an important topic for customers. EMC offers various solutions for SAP HANA depending on RPO/RTO requirements. Watch this video to learn about EMC backup and restore solutions for SAP HANA .EMCFeb 2015

SAP HANA Backup White papers and presentations:


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Top Reasons Why EMC for SAP HANA Data Protection


This document highlights the reasons why customers choose EMC and EMC data protection solutions for their SAP HANA deploymentsEMCOct 2014

EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems: SAP HANA Data Protection

   NFS White Paper

DD Boost White Paper

White Paper

EMC Data Domain systems deliver industry-leading data duplication and performance for the protection of HANA databases. The NFS solution described covers SAP HANA backups to Data Domain systems over NFS using SAP HANA Studio and single-step NetWorker-based SAP HANA backups to Data Domain or any other disk or tape device supported by EMC NetWorker. EMC NetWorker uses standard scripting functionality and SAP HANA’s hdbsql backup utility.

The DD Boost white paper discusses how the integration of the Data Domain Boost for Databases and

Applications (DDBDA) and SAP HANA creates a superior backup solution for SAP HANA

environments.  The term DD Boost for SAP HANA in this white paper, refers to the

functionality within DDBDA that provides SAP HANA support


Protecting SAP HANA with EMC NetWorker:  This White Paper validates the functionality of EMC NetWorker as a tool for protecting SAP HANA systems through NetWorker Module for SAP (NMSAP), providing Easy scheduling of routine backup and enabling efficient SAP HANA migration from physical to virtualized environments.





May 2014

Feb 2015

EMC Backup for Data Center Ready SAP HANA


This technical presentation explains how Data Domain with DD Boost is the right backup and disaster recovery solution for SAP HANA.EMC



EMC NetWorker Backup for SAP HANA


This presentation describes how EMC Data Domain with EMC NetWorker delivers an SAP-certified, BACKINT-integrated solution that enables simple and efficient backups in any SAP-Certified HANA environmentEMCDec 2014

EMC Data Protection Solutions for SAP


Watch Peter Eck, senior director of EMC Data Protection and Availability Division, show how EMC efficiently scales SAP data protection with the EMC Data Protection Suite and EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems.EMCJun 2014