EMC Cloud-enable Infrastructure for SAP: Business Continuity Series - High Availability & Application Mobility with VNX


Application and infrastructure availability is a key in today's modern business continuity strategies for SAP cloud infrastructures stretched across distances. In traditional infrastructure designs for SAP high availability, workloads across physical datacenters are disrupted when any of the infrastructure components fail at the same time. Challenges include:

  • Protection against single point of failures
  • Minimizing the impact of planned and unplanned downtime
  • Reducing infrastructure complexity and operational cost
  • Providing end to end automated resiliency
  • Improving the utilization of resources across the data center
  • Application must be recovered automatically and rapidly when outages occur

EMC is helping SAP customers deliver 100% uptime for mission-critical SAP infrastructure  including zero downtime maintenance enabled with EMC VPLEX® Metro and the extension of SAP clusters with VMware® vMotion™. This solution uses unique clustering architecture to break the boundaries if the data center and allows servers at multiple data centers to have read and write access to shared block devices.

CEI - VNX HA and mobility.png