InfoArchive 3.0

This release will now give customers the ability to archive both structured and unstructured information into a single consolidated archive.

Captiva 7.1

This release enhances the development and deployment of enterprise capture projects, while delivering superior accuracy and operator performance while processing invoices and mobile images.

Documentum Platform 7.1

This release features security enhancements; new operating system, database, and app server certifications; and additional deployment options.

Documentum D2 4.2

This release includes smart URLs, improved Outlook integrations, simplified content creation wizards, dynamic workspace views, and enhanced management and packaging of configurations.

Documentum xCP 2.1

This release introduces several new features designed to make developers and business users more productive, and enables xCP 2.1 built applications to interoperate with all Documentum content, providing customers with a migration path to the latest release.

Documentum Connectors

This release includes what’s new and what’s coming in Documentum Connectors, including Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum Services for SAP, and the Syncplicity Connector for Documentum.

Kazeon eDiscovery 4.8

This release delivers improvements in usability and search capabilities for corporate legal, compliance, and IT teams.



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