Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for SAP


As many SAP customers face tremendous SAP applications growth out-pacing existing data center and IT infrastructure resources, a growing number of SAP professionals realize they need a Cloud-enabled Infrastructure to be a net contributor to business success.


EMC and VMware, working with SAP, have developed tools, solutions, and services that make it easier for you to modernize your data center and run SAP systems in next-generation cloud-enabled infrastructures with increasing levels of automation.


EMC understands every SAP customer is different. Each customer depending on their existing budgets, IT skill sets and pre-existing hardware and software investments will have different requirements impacting how they wish to move to fully virtualized infrastructure. With bundles, EMC provides a modular approach for consuming and deploying virtual infrastructure.

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Videos: White Boards


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EHC for SAP:

Introduction: Why – What - Impact                               

Managing and providing agile IT services  for SAP will increasing include services available both on and off premises.   Watch this introduction to EMC’s Hybrid Cloud solution for SAP highlighting what it is and the impact for IT and the business.
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EHC for SAP:

Consumption:  “Building Block Approach”

Yes, many organizations are looking to run SAP in the cloud, but  getting there is a unique  journey. Watch this video outlining how EMC enables solution consumption with a  building block approach.
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EHC for SAP:

Setting the Foundation

So what does an IT foundation for running SAP in a cloud look like? Watch this video overviewing  an IT platform designed to run SAP in a software defined data center with VMware and EMC.
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EHC for SAP:

Continuous Availability and Protection

Ok, so you have deployed fully virtualized infrastructure to run SAP in a private cloud (on or off premises). How do you ensure availability and protection for this mission critical environment? The white board introduces how EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for SAP enables always on-infrastructure for SAP eliminating single points of failure across a metro data center, including disaster recovery leveraging a 3rd site.
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EHC for SAP:

Unified  eGRC: SAP and RSA

The compliance revolution is taking place as businesses run SAP and non-SAP applications in the cloud. Watch this video addressing eGRC by centralizing compliance information into a single repository with automate application control verification powered by  RSA Archer integration with SAP.




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Setting the Foundation                

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for SAP is a bridge to the future as it simplifies the implementation of SAP landscapes in both on-premises private cloud and off-premises public cloud. SAP cloud environments can easily be provisioned, monitored, and managed in your on-premises cloud as well as your off-premises cloud environment using EMC ViPR SRM with VMware vCOPS.

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Technical Resources


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Unified GRC with SAP GRC integration with RSA Archer