Getting ISIS to Recognize MFP Devices


Quite a few (M)ulti(F)unction (P)eriperal devices have been introduced over the past few years, and their numbers are increasing due to their popularity.  However, after installing an MFP device, it often does not show up in the ISIS Scanner Driver dialog:




Most of the MFP devices do not have an ISIS driver, so the question is how to get ISIS to recognize an MFP?




Most MFP devices have a scanner driver called TWAIN installed to configure and run the MFP device.  Fortunately, ISIS has a driver that can interact with a well-developed TWAIN driver called PixTWAIN.  Any TWAIN driver that that rigorously follows either the TWAIN 1.9 or 2.0 specifications should work well with PixTWAIN.



PixTWAIN comes with a configurator and the configurator’s goal is to figure out how to talk to the TWAIN source and keep the TWAIN source operational, which it does pretty well.  To configure PixTWAIN, there are 3 options:




It is recommended that the configuration program proceed from Automatic to Express and finally Detailed.  Between each type, try the MFP device to see if PixTWAIN can access the device, and if so, if it works properly.  If the MFP device is not recognized at any step, or does not work properly, proceed to the next Configuration type.




After configuring the MFP device with PixTWAIN, the MFP should show up in the Scanner driver list:



In the above screen shot, it shows a KODAK Scanner i1800 w/PixTWAIN and WIA-KODAK i1800 Scanner w/PixTWAIN.  When presented with the option, pick the version that does not begin with WIA, as WIA is a very generic version of TWAIN supplied by Microsoft that tries to work with all scanners and MFP devices.  Also, sometimes it is useful to try the more generic PixTWAIN solution:




The “Any Device with PixTWAIN” shows up for all devices that have a TWAIN driver.


PixTWAIN works well with TWAIN drivers that closely follow the TWAIN specification, but not so well with TWAIN drivers that do not.  PixTWAIN should work with all TWAIN sources, but depending on the TWAIN source, there may be limited functionality. We've never had one just not work at all (after tweaking the configuration a little anyway).