Smarts NCM: How to backup Smarts NCM from one server and restore it on another server



EMC Software: Smarts Network Configuration Manager (Smarts NCM)



This article explains the following:

How to take a backup from one server and restore it on another server.

How to make a backup of a server in Smarts NCM using and scripts.





The above issue can occur if the server backup and restore is not properly done. Typically, lockbox-related issues will be seen in this case.




The following steps explain how to properly backup and restore a Smarts NCM server, using Server A and Server B as an example:

Go to <Product_home>/bin and run the following command

./cstdriver -addHost <Server B FQDN> -lockbox ../data/lockb.clb -passphrase <passphrase >

<Server B FQDN> is the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the host where you want to restore the data (Server B).

<passphrase > is the passphrase given during installation of Smarts NCM/Voyence on Server A.

Run the script from <Product_home>/bin.

Copy the backed-up file generated by the script on to Server B.

On Server B, where you want to restore the backup file, run the script.

Go to the <Product_home>/cgi-bin/ directory on Server B and run the following commands to generate a test.tmp file:

. /etc/voyence.conf


./cflist.cgi > test.tmp


Open the test.tmp file and modify the DS information (POP id) as appropriate.

Run the following command:

./cfwrite.cgi < test.tmp

Restart the vcmaster service.

If the JBoss server still fails to load after completing the above steps on Server B, check whether lockbox is copied or not. If it is there, then the lockbox is locked and must be unlocked. To unlock the lockbox, run the following command:

<Product_home>/bin/cstdriver –lockbox ../data/lockb.clb –passphrase <passphrase>

<passphrase > is the same passphrase given above.

Restart the vcmaster service and check the status.



For more information, Refer to EMC Solution Article 167932