Watch4net: Receive "Error Encountered" message when creating new scheduled reports; Error explanation: "Scheduled Reports not available!"



EMC Software: Watch4net



The following conditions, events or system behaviors may be observed with this issue:

When creating a new scheduled report on Watch4net, an 'Error Encountered' message is displayed which tells the user to fix the highlighted fields in the form and submit it again.





Clicking on the red exclamation marks on each field to see the explanation of each error. In this case, the error states that the Scheduled Reports is not available so the field entry cannot be processed:




Watch4net Catalina logs from Tomcat (/opt/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/logs/catalina-0-0.log) have the following error:

WARNING: Unable to add Scheduled Reports to user tree: Scheduled Reports not available! Unable to connect to the Task-Scheduler with URL 'https://localhost:48443/'!




The above error can occur if the Watch4net Task Scheduler has stopped running, which would cause the scheduled reports to not run on time.





To address this issue, do the following:

In Watch4net, go to Centralized Management > Logical Overview > Miscellaneous > Task-Scheduler. Check the value of the Service Status to see if the service has stopped.

Resume the Task Scheduler service by clicking on the Start button associated with the Service Status.

For more information, Refer to EMC Solution Article 171696