Innovation Roadmap Overview


     The cornerstone of the Innovation Conference is the Innovation Roadmap, EMC’s annual internal idea competition and innovation pipeline, where winning ideas are incubated and implemented as products, services, and process improvements across all Business Units, Cross-Cutting Divisions, and Global Centers of Excellence (COEs) across EMC.


     Over the past seven years of the Innovation Roadmap, EMCers have contributed over 12,000 ideas. Looking back on 2013, 28 sponsor challenges sparked an incredible 4,429 idea submissions--quite an impressive number, and even more impressive when compared to the 2,200 ideas submitted in the previous year (over a 100% increase).


     Roadmap ideas incubated over the past 3 years have resulted in over $200 million in new revenue for EMC. What’s more, EMC has been recognized as part of Thompson and Reuters’ 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators! It is from this success that we gain our momentum and enthusiasm for the future.

For a more in depth look at the how Roadmap works and why it is so effective, CLICK HERE to learn more

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