712d842b Evacuation failed due to lack of free space in the storage pool"


Product VNX Series

EMC SW: VNX Operating Environment (OE) for Block is

EMC SW: VNX Operating Environment (OE) for Block is

EMC SW: VNX Operating Environment (OE) for Block is

EMC SW: VNX Operating Environment (OE) for Block is

EMC SW: VNX Snapshots

VNX Snapshots is new Technology introduced in Release 32 (Pool based luns only) uses redirect on write Technology ( ROW) as opposed to copy on first write (cofw) snapview technology



Slice Evacuations is cleanup process initiated as part of Deleting oldest Snapshot in the pool and returning slices to pool




IP address needs to be re-entered when launching USM from inside Unisphere: System -> Service Tasks -> Launch USM, which takes a long time to complete or hangs.

Once the IP address is entered,  USM login fails with: Error processing connection request. Please verify and re-enter your connection information.


Once the IP address is entered and username/password is provided USM login fails with: An error occurred during the logon process. Verify that the Control Station is working properly.


Pop-up appears when trying to log in with USM Client: Continuing with this process will remove xx.xx.xx.xx from its current domain and add it to this domain. Do you wish to continue?


Domain refuse does not fix that behavior as it only affects USM and not Unisphere.





Check Pool Properties for Available Pool Capacity and if available pool capacity exists then this error is Benign. The 'out of space warning message' is a result of a race condition where a host IO is accessing a location (slice) on the source lun at the same time that an evacuate operation is occurring on that that same location, and therefore the message is benign.


This will be fixed in due in the next version of VNX OE Rel 32.



Array resources are required when deleting snapshots as filesystem cleanup (Truncate) must occur , This can result in high cpu utilization

VNX Snapshots


For more information, Refer to EMC Solution Article    87830