Getting Started with the DECN: Register for an Account

1.      Register for a DECN account.


Starting with the Login/Register button on the top white navigation bar on the DECN, follow the prompts to sign up for an account.




On the next screen, choose the Register Now option.


Fill out the required fields on the form, and click Submit.





2.     Familiarize yourself with the available content and begin engaging:

    • On the Dell EMC Proven Professional Community, you can find content sorted by Categories in the column on the right.
    • For information about the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program, explore the Community Resources in the column on the right
    • If you have questions about a particular topic, use the search buttons to see if there are ongoing discussions to help you
    • Collaborate: Create new content and discussions and reply to existing threads


3.      Learn how to use the DECN features for tracking and connecting with the community.

    • Start by watching the DECN QuickStart Videos.
    • Then follow the Dell EMC Proven Professional Community or any other community that you are interested in. You can also follow content, and people that interest you.
    • If you want to receive email notifications on any of these items, be sure to add them to your Inbox stream.


4.     Offer feedback

    • This community is for you so please share what you think is missing or what you find useful. Feedback on the Dell EMC Proven Professional Community can be posted in this forum.
    • Feedback about DECN in general can be posted to the DECN Help Forum.



5.     Tips

    • When receiving responses to your posted questions, do the following to help curate content and allow other users more easily find useful content:
    • Mark the thread as “answered” when it is complete
    • Flag responses as “helpful answer” or “correct answer”
    • When you create new content, make sure that you put in “In a Place” and select the appropriate forum. If you select “The ECN Community,” your content will be created and visible, but it will be in your own personal space, not in a publicly viewed forum.