ViPR Plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator Overview

The ViPR plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator provides an orchestration interface to the EMC ViPR software platform. The EMC ViPR plug-in has pre-packaged workflows used through the Orchestrator Client as well as other clients in which vCenter Orchestrator integration is supported.


The EMC ViPR (ViPR) plug-in workflows consist of high level workflows to carry out common activities such as provisioning storage for an entire cluster, and "building block" workflows which provide more granular operations such as creating a ViPR volume. ViPR worklfows are accessed from the VMware vCenter Orchestrator client or web client, Workflows > Library tree as demonstrated in the following image.







Multi-client integration



The EMC ViPR plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator builds upon the vCenter Orchestrator integration functionality to provide EMC ViPR workflow and resource management. The multi-client support allows access either interactively or programmatically, with

maximum flexibility to assemble any solution appropriate to your environment. When used interactively some workflow values will be populated with values corresponding to the context from which they were launched. For example, if the workflow is executed from

a vSphere Web Client, within the context of a cluster, the host cluster values will be entered into the workflow. When used programmatically, the EMC ViPR plug-in provides the capability to pass new workflow parameters, through an external application, as required.


The functionality provided with the EMC ViPR plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator is supported by the following clients when vCenter Orchestrator is integrated with the application.


  • vCenter Orchestrator REST API
  • VMware vSphere, vCenter Server
  • VMware vCloud Automation Center


For more information review the ViPR Plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) Installation and Configuration Guide which describes the ViPR plug-in and the steps to install and configure the plug-in to work with VMware vCenter Orchestrator available here


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