How to Monitor the ViPR instance

Currently these options are available to monitor the ViPR instance


  • The ViPR UI includes basic monitoring within the Dashboard and System health tabs
  • The ViPR SolutionPack which utilizes Watch4Net version 6.2u4 is a more advanced reporting option.
  • The ViPR Analytics Pack for vCops versions 5.7 or 5.7.1 provides an option for monitoring within VMware environments






The ViPR software installed on the ViPR nodes can be managed and monitored from the Admin > System area.




The ViPR UI brings together the most important information about your ViPR configuration in one view on the Admin > System > Dashboard page.


The dashboard has the following areas:


  • ViPR Version: Shows the version of the platform and the UI software components. If you have configured an Update site, the panel displays the identity of the latest available upgrade. If you are a System Administrator, clicking on the platform version number or on the upgrade message takes you to the Admin > System > Upgrade page.
  • License Status: Shows the status of the controller node license and the object license. If you are a System Administrator, clicking on the status links to the license page, Admin > System > License.
  • Physical Assets:Provides a count each of the physical asset types. For a System Administrator, each label links to its associated UI page.
  • Virtual Assets:The Virtual Assets panel provides a count of the virtual arrays and virtual pools that have been configured. For a System Administrator, the arrays and pools link to the corresponding virtual asset page.
  • Cluster Health: Shows the overall status of the cluster and provide links to the system health page for each of the nodes.





System health


ViPR provides the ability to retrieve health and statistics data for each node.

The ViPR UI provides an Admin > System > System Health page which enables a node to be selected and for the node statistics, service statistics, and service health to be displayed.

The System health page comprises the areas Managed Capacity Report, Node Selector Buttons, VM Stats, Service Stats and Diagnostic Tests


The services that are monitored on each control node are apisvc, authsvc, controllersvc, coordinatorsvc, dbsvc, objcontrolsvc, portalsvc, sasvc, syssvc and vasasvc


For more information review the ViPR Administrator Guide






ViPR SolutionPack


The ViPR SolutionPack provides the configuration needed to integrate with a ViPR virtual appliance and provide reporting, chargeback and dashboard information using the builtin multitenancy functionality of the Storage Resource Management Suite Watch4net portal.


Several reports are available from the ViPR SolutionPack. The different categories to view the reports are:

  • Capacity
  • Forecasting
  • Dashboards
  • Operations
  • Events


Review the ViPR SolutionPack Installation and Configuration Guide for more information on installing, configuration and for an overview of all the available reports under each category.


Information on Watch4Net can be reviewed from the Product page


Quick demonstration by Chad Sakac



ViPR Analytics Pack for vCops


ViPR Analytics Pack provides enhanced capabilities for VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite (vCOps).


  • Import EMC ViPR inventory, metering, and event data to VMware vCenter Operations purchase Management
  • SuiteProvide preconfigured dashboards for troubleshooting issues in EMC ViPR
  • Provide a collection of volume, storage port, storage system, and virtual pool data for computing key resource status scores used in EMC ViPR
  • Present dashboard views that summarize resource details, the behavior of individual metrics, and EMC ViPR event alerts
  • Improve the health scores of EMC ViPR resources by utilizing performance data from VNX/VMAX adapters


Dashboard overview


  • EMC ViPR Capacity

        The EMC ViPR Capacity dashboard allows users to monitor virtual storage pool capacity and datastore disk usage.


  • EMC ViPR Performance
    The EMC ViPR Performance dashboard allows users to monitor storage network and datastore latency performance data.



  • EMC ViPR At-A-Glance
    The EMC ViPR At-A-Glance dashboard allows users to monitor performance and capacity data from a single dashboard.




More details available within the ViPR Analytics Pack for VMware vCenter Operations Installation and Configuration Guide.