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    EMC strives to bring you more than just high quality solutions.  We aim to constantly push the boundaries of what technology can do and how we can make it work for you. You already know what EMC can do for you now, what will we be able to do for you in five years?


Bring Your Own Device

    Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer John Roese is the leader of the Coporate Office of Technology and is responsible for defining not only the company's technology vision, but shaping EMC's strategy for meeting the rapidly advancing needs of tomorrow's businesses.  To read about his thoughts on the massive IT paradigm shift heralded by the age of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Devices), CLICK HERE





Innovators' Blogs

                                          Information Playground

steveTodd thumb.jpgInnovator Steve Todd is the author of the high-tech books Innovate With Influence and Innovate With Global Influence.  He is currently an EMC Fellow and the Director of EMC's Global Innovation Network.  As a thought leader in both the company and the industry, Steve has exceptional insights into the future of innovation as well as the future of IT.  To check out his blog, CLICK HERE


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Inside Outside Innovation Blog

An insiders perspective on Solution Innovation from someone with an outside experience, Ed Walsh provides a window into the Innovation Machine at EMC.  Ed is currently a Senior Manger in the EMC Office of the CTO. To check out Ed Walsh and his blog, CLICK HERE


Being at the leading edge means things are always changing.  EMC is making waves in the technology world so be sure to stay up to date on the latest by clicking below for articles in the news



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