ViPR Data Services Networking Guide

Service Ports


If you are connecting directly to ViPR Data Services nodes, the services run on the following ports:


  • 9020: S3 (HTTP)
  • 9021: S3 (HTTPS)
  • 9022: Atmos (HTTP)
  • 9023: Atmos (HTTPS)
  • 9024: Swift (HTTP)
  • 9025: Swift (HTTPS)


It is recommended that an external load balancer is used in production configurations and redirects port 80 and 443 to their respective services.


DNS Configuration


Proper operation of S3 applications generally requires "virtually hosted buckets".  This means that if your DNS entry for S3 is set to, the bucket "mybucket" will actually be accessing the host  To do this, you will need two DNS entries:



So that hosts can resolve both the base name to issue service-level commands (e.g. list buckets) and the virtually-hosted bucket addresses.  If you are creating an SSL certificate for this service, it should have the wildcard entry on the name of the certificate and the non-wildcard version as a Subject Alternate Name.  You will also need to tell ViPR what your "Base URL" is in the ViPR admin portal.  In this case, the Base URL would be set to  Note that Base URLs are only used for the S3 protocol and not for Atmos or Swift.