ESRS IP Client for CLARiiON returns Invalid username or Passcode. Please re-enter your login information to a valid Partner or EMC account



EMC Secure Remote Support Gateway Configuration




Only ASP/SDP (Authorized Service Provider / Service Delivery Partner) and EMC employees that have been granted a SecureID and permission to perform ESRS installations can perform the installations as "An Authorized Service Provider".




If you are not a customer or ASP/SDP or EMC employee you must perform the installation with assistance from your customer. The customer must assist by entering their Powerlink credentials when asked by the installation routine. If this installation is done on a new site, make sure ahead of time that a customer account for this site on is created and that the storage array is linked to it. If the storage arrays are not linked to a site the customer account is responsible for you will encounter the situation described in 75029.

Also refer to Knowledgebase solution ID 74608 for more information on the issue.