Connecting to ECS with Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a general-purpose multi-protocol file transfer application.  It can be used during development to create buckets, browse the content you've uploaded to ECS, and to add or remove content from ECS.  You can download Cyberduck here.

Update 09/12/2016 Karsten Bott

as of Cyperduck 5.1 AWS4 is the default for all S3 Compatible Profiles.

The attached profiles have been updated to use AWS2 Auth.

Also,swift profiles have been added.

Screenshots added


Connecting to ECS via S3

Attached to this article are two "cyberduckprofile" files that are preconfigured with the settings to connect to EMC ECS via S3.  These profiles will streamline the configuration process and specify the correct S3 port used in ECS for S3 communication.  Once you have Cyberduck installed, double click on the S3 profile you wish to use.


Connecting to ECS via OpenStack Swift

You can use the profile that comes with Cyberduck, Swift (OpenStack Object Storage), to configure connections to ECS via Swift.  Please note for Swift connections, you must specify port 9024 for http and 9025 for https.  To start configuring a new connection to ECS via Swift, click the plus icon in the bottom left corner of the Cyberduck window.



Configure The Connection



If you're configuring a Swift connection to ECS, choose Swift (OpenStack Object Storage) from the dropdown at the top of the window.  Otherwise, for S3 using a preconfigured profile, the correct value will already be selected.

Nickname: Type whatever you want in here to describe the connection.

Server: The IP or host name for your ECS data services endpoint.

Port: If you're using a preconfigured profile, this value will already be set.  Otherwise, for Swift, choose 9024 for http or 9025 for https.

Access Key ID: This will be your object user name that you configured in the ECS management portal.  The same user is used for both S3 and Swift connections.



Click the "X" to close the configuration dialog and then double-click the new bookmark to connect.  On the first connection, you will be prompted to enter your Secret Access Key.




If you don't know your Secret Access Key, you can obtain it by logging into the ECS management portal and editing the object user.



If you're using the Swift protocol, you will want to generate a Swift password in the ECS management portal and use that as your Secret Access Key.




Connecting to Swift:


Create a user for Swift access in the ECS Management UI


use namespace as "tenant_id" fied in cyberduck for tenantid:user and specify you password


you should now be able to browse the buckets: