Creating a Swift Password

The Openstack Swift protocol does not use secret keys like the Atmos and S3 protocols do.  Instead, it uses a password-based authentication mechanism.  ViPR supports both swauth "v1" and Keystone "v2" authentication protocols.


Before connecting to Swift, you will need an administrator to create a password for your account.  The attached archive contains python scripts that can be used to create a swift password for an account and assign Swift groups to the account.


You will need:

  1. A tenant admin user: <adminuser>
  2. A tenant admin password: <adminpassword>
  3. The hostname or IP address of a control node or control node load balancer: <controlnode>
  4. The hostname or IP address of a data services node or data services node load balancer <datanode>
  5. The name of the user to create the password for in user@domain format: <user>
  6. The new swift password for the user: <swift-password>
  7. The namespace name of the user's tenant: <namespace>
  8. The Swift group list for the user, e.g. "ADMIN", separated by commas: <GROUPS>


Execute the script


tar xvzf swift-tools.tar.gz
cd swift-tools
export BOURNE_IPADDR=<controlnode>
export BOURNE_DATA_IPADDR=<datanode>
./security login <adminuser> <adminpassword>
./ create <user> <swift-password> <namespace> --groups <GROUPS>