Citrix Validated Design:  Scaling XenDesktop 7 to 5,000 users with VMware vSphere 5.1

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Reference Architecture:

The Citrix Solutions Labs have recently released a Citrix Validated Reference Architecture for 5,000 users running on an EMC VNX7500.  Very Cool.  What's in this solution?  XenDesktop 5.6 showing off both remote desktop and apps hosted on vSphere.  Netscaler load-balancing the front-end of the solution, and vSphere 5.1 as the hypervisor.


This document covers best practices and a view into how a 5000 seat environment could be deployed.  Not quite a design guide, a reference architecture is a doc designed to demonstrate the possibilities, and the benefits, of deploying XenDesktop in this configuration.  check out the doc, hosted at





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Originally Published:  August 2013

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