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EMC Elect

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STO5420Software-Defined Storage: The Art Of The PossibleChad Sakac

Wednesday 10/16


Matt Cowger
STO5464Leading Edge: Evolving To A Software-Defined Data CenterChad Sakac

Wednesday 10/16


Matthew Yeager

The Missing Link: Storage Visibility In Virtualized Environments

Matt Cowger

Tuesday 10/15


Matthew Yeager, Matthew Brender, Chris Evans
VCM5472vCenter Orchestration - Say Hi to Razor and Software Defined Storage

Magnus Nilsson,  Jonas Rosland

Wednesday 10/16

3:30- 4:30 PM

Matthew Yeager
BCO5276Next Generation ‘Economical’ Data Protection for Business-Critical Applications

Yossi Saad & Bradford Glade

Tuesday 10/15

11:00 - 12:00 PM

Matthew Brender
VAPP5180Extreme Virtualized Oracle Performance In A Proven ArchitectureJeff Browning

Tuesday 10/15

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Matt Cowger, Jon Owings


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Session Abstracts


Software-Defined Storage: The Art Of The Possible -Chad Sakac – Session STO5420

Imagine a world without LUN provisioning, File Systems, or Shares, where storage is available on demand in your enterprise, at your control. Line of business and application owners have access to storage when and how you need it. Storage administrators can break free from mundane tasks to focus on storage health, utilization, and performance. Cloud Administrators get the job done without needing to deal with storage team processes. But this is no imaginary Utopia – this world exists today with Software-Defined Storage. You probably have more than one storage vendor in your data centers, and you know how complex and costly heterogeneous storage can be. You need disparate control points and management tools that are unable to provide a holistic view of your environment or create the analysis required to support distributed storage utilization, health, and performance. This session gives you a deep architectural view, with multiple technical demonstrations, into VMware and EMC’s programmable approach to Software-Defined Storage and how it provides a simple way to access and manage all arrays, supporting virtual environments and even multiple cloud stacks, including VMware and OpenStack. You will learn how to automate provisioning, create predefined SLAs, and provide self-service access across file, block, and object storage, illustrated by real-world experiences of customers using EMC’s Software-Defined Storage.

Leading Edge: Evolving To A Software-Defined Data Center - Chad Sakac – Session STO5464

A typical IT department spends an unsustainable 70% of its budget on maintenance, with little room for innovation. IT has reached a tipping point, but toward what? It’s either obsolescence or the Software-Defined Data Center. The Software-Defined Data Center takes an architectural approach, driven by a set of innovative technologies. It starts with a basic, commoditized, hyper-standardized infrastructure. The key is an intense focus on automation of every possible operation, based on two big ideas. The first is a decoupled control plane for compute, network, and storage. The second is to implement and enforce all datacenter services via software-defined policy, where possible using software models for dataplane services. This approach requires that compute, storage, networking, security, and availability services are pooled, aggregated, and automated, everything managed by intelligent, policy-driven software. The result is a data center optimized for the cloud era, providing unmatched business agility, the highest SLAs for all applications, dramatically simpler operations, and lower costs. This session will highlight and demonstrate the new disruptive technologies in the next generation data center—the VMware vCloud Suite driving policy and automation, the VMware NSX stack interacting with the Software-Defined Storage layer, flash and VM-granular policy, non-stop operations, advanced security and backups, all delivered in a service model. This session discusses real-world customer experiences on how they are evolving to the Software-Defined Data Center.

vCO - Say hi to Razor and Software Defined Storage - Magnus Nilsson – Session VCM5472

This session will walk you through how to build a vCloud environment with end to end automation from provisioning to a production ready application without touching the physical hardware. We explain the components to accomplish this and how they work together and then change focus to the crucial role vCenter Orchestrator plays managing the different tasks in a Software defined Datacenter. Finally the session conclude with a demonstration of an on end-to-end workflow integrated with the vSphere WebUI and the possibilities with vCloud Automation Center can give.

Next Generation ‘Economical’ Data Protection for Business-Critical Applications - Yossi Assad - Session BCO5276

Have you been searching for Tier-1 data protection capabilities that would economically fit into your VMware environment, avoiding expensive WAN costs and dedicated hardware? Through the use of VMware tools and next generation ‘software defined’ replication technologies, an economical Tier-1 data protection solution for business-critical applications is now possible! Specific recovery time objective (RPO) and recovery point objective (RTO) can be set and managed, through integrated policies, to recover applications locally or remotely to any point-in-time needed. Furthermore, VMware allows for non-disruptive testing of your recovery plans. In this session you will discover how to implement a software-defined data protection solution in your virtual data center, allowing you to easily recover to any point in time. Learn how to use your WAN efficiently to build a disaster recovery solution while utilizing existing infrastructure. Explore the different use cases and how to implement them, experience simple deployment and operation through vCenter integration, and use orchestration tools for streamlined DR test, failover and failback. Dive into the technologies underlying this unique approach. Learn from the experience of real world IT professionals who benefit from such solutions and how they applied them in their own environment, increasing data availability while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Real world customer case studies will be provided as well as a brief technology demo.

The Missing Link: Storage Visibility In Virtualized Environments - Matt Cowger - Session VCM5539

This interactive session will show real world use cases and demonstrations of how vCenter Operations Management can be extended to provide detailed storage analytics. The lack of end-to-end visibility from VMware to the underlying storage resources can be the biggest challenge in detecting and troubleshooting capacity and performance problems in a VMware environment. Until now the vSphere and Storage administrators did not have visibility into each other’s domains. Learn how to extend vCenter Operations Management to provide end to end analytics as well as topology mapping and dependencies. See demonstrations of how to leverage the power of vCenter Operations Manager to take proactive analytics into the storage domain. Dramatically increase productivity through expedited root cause analysis and proactive detection of anomalies before they become issues.

Extreme Virtualized Oracle Performance in a Proven Architecture - Sam Lucido - Session VAPP5180

In this session we will walk the attendee through a proven validated architecture designed to deliver very fast virtualized Oracle performance. This is open purpose build architecture for Oracle databases using VMware as the virtualization platform. Interested in how your virtualizing your Oracle production databases can drive extreme IOPS or how an open infrastructure can be optimized to provide nearly the same performance as a purpose built architecture? In this session we show how we delivered a high performance infrastructure using storage, server cards and VMware for Oracle. This session will be a review of a proven and validated architecture for virtualized Oracle performance.