VSPEX with RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

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VSPEX - RecoverPoint

VSPEX Proven Infrastructure accelerates deployment of private cloud. Built with best-of-breed virtualization, server, network, storage and replication, VSPEX enables faster deployment, more simplicity, greater choice, higher efficiency, and lower risk.  With the addition of RecoverPoint or RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines to your VSPEX offering, you’ll never have to worry about data protection again. 

Unlike other solutions that can only recover data backed up hours or days ago, RecoverPoint enables you to recover data from immediately prior to an outage, whatever the challenge – operator error, application/equipment failure, or site outage.  The RecoverPoint family maintains a continuous image of your application’s data transactions, both locally and at up to four remote sites.  Recovery is a snap – no messy logs to deal with, no backup images to restore, no complex procedures.  And because RecoverPoint is application independent, you only need to learn and use one tool across your whole it landscape.


NEW! VSPEX with RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is now available. EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines redefines data protection for VMware virtual machines, enabling local or remote replication with continuous data protection for recovery to any PiT (Point in Time). The following links and attachments highlight the features and benefits to help you discuss RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines with your customers:

Solution Overview - link

Solution Overview Video - link

Design / Implementation Guide - link

Customer Presentation - attached below

Additionally,  documents and collateral that will help you describe the benefits of RecoverPoint protection for VSPEX:


Solution Overview - link

Customer Presentation - link

Design and Implementation Guide - link