Welcome to the Student Discussions Community!

Welcome to the Student Discussions Community! This space is dedicated to questions and discussions about EMC Education Services curriculum and EMC Proven Professional exams. Here are a few guidelines for participation:


  • We encourage everyone to ask questions, but we also ask that you provide details when asking your questions. For example, if you are inquiring about a practice exam question, rather than copying and pasting the question and multiple choice answers and asking which choice is correct, describe the specific point or concept that you need help with. Providing more details helps others to better answer your question.
  • There are plenty of answers already posted in the Student Discussions community, and those posts can also help you study. The search box on the main page enables you to look for specific keywords and topics in the community, and find previous discussions to guide you.
  • If you know the answer to a question someone else has asked, please contribute! We encourage students and Proven Professionals to help each other, but we also have curriculum developers and instructors on hand to provide guidance.


Please note: if you experience technical difficulties with a VILT, please contact the Education Services Help Desk at education@EMC.com