RecoverPoint 4.x Simulator

The RecoverPoint Simulator
is a VM implementation of a complete RecoverPoint deployment in a simulated environment.  The simulator utilizes the same RecoverPoint engine as the product itself and supports the API. It can accelerate the development process by quickly validating API usage before going into full testing.

  • The RecoverPoint Simulator is for customers and partners. A Powerlink account is required to download.
  • The simulator requires an x86-64 CPU
  • The Simulator is not an officially supported product. If you encounter any issues, the best place to go for assistance is this community.


Follow this link to download a .zip file that contains the RecoverPoint 4.1 Simulator files and Technical Notes.

the Simulator is a virtual machine that simulates the application, storage layer, and RecoverPoint appliances. It is derived from the RecoverPoint code and allows you to test RecoverPoint functionality and in particular - its REST API!