EMC Solutions Insiders: vHadoop & Big Data Extensions

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  • Recorded: August 16, 2013
  • Topic: vHadoop and Big Data Extensions
  • Guest Speaker: James Ruddy
  • Hosted by: Jon Owings and Jim Sanzone
  • Total Run Time: 26 mins



In this episode of EMC Solutions Insiders, James Ruddy shares his experience with the EMC Hadoop Starter Kit, which is a quick way to use your existing vSphere infrastructure with Isilon and the HDFS protocol to quickly provision Hadoop clusters.  As big data starts to take off in more organizations, the usefulness of having burstable Hadoop clusters to process the data as close to real-time as possible becomes an even bigger benefit to achieving agility with your business intelligence.


James shares why you would want to run Hadoop on VMware, and why more customers should take advantage of this free capability that exists on their existing Isilon clusters.


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