Installation Tutorial - Documentum 7.0 and xCP 2.0

The following videos describe the manual installation process for Documentum 7.0 and xCP 2.0 in a 2 server configuration. Note that many of these steps could be automated with the Documentum xCelerated Management System (xMS).  However, an understanding of  manual installation will help you understand what xMS is doing behind the scenes.



In response to some of your comments, please refer to this mind map that describes the environment used for this tutorial:





1. Content Server


2. Thumbnail Server


3. Image Services DAR


4. Viewer Services DAR


5. xPlore


6. Content Intelligence Services


7. Documentum Administrator


8. Process Engine


9. Application Host


10. Business Activity Monitor


11. Process Integrator


12. & 13. xMS Agent and xMS Tools


14. xCP Designer