Ask the Expert Event Summary: SMB Protocol on an Isilon Cluster

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Thank you everyone who participated in the July 2013 Ask the Expert Event: SMB Protocol on an Isilon Cluster.  Below is a summary of a few topics discussed with links to the detailed conversations.


Authentication - While can be complex, a simple connection to \\cluster <without share> can quickly tell you if the problem you are experiencing is Authentication related, or should you move onto permissions:


Permissions - Isilon OneFS has one of the most advanced multi-protocol mapping engines available. Working through a multi-protocol (or even a standard) permission problem can seem daunting but in fact, is actually quite simple if you follow these 3 steps to collect he necessary data:

  1. 1.) Collect the users token output
  2. 2.) Coollect Share permissions
  3. 3.) Collect ls output of the paths


Performance - There are no silver bullets in performance troubleshooting but learning to use the wide variety of SMB related counters within OneFS can help you quickly move through SMB performance issues.  Some good ones to get started with are:


isi statistics query --nodes=all --stats

isi statistics protocol --nodes=all --protocols=smb1,smb2 --total --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded

isi statistics protocol --nodes=all --protocols=smb1,smb2 --orderby=Class --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded

isi statistics drive --nodes=all --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded

isi statistics protocol --nodes=all --protocols=smb1,smb2 --orderby=Out --classes=namespace_read --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded

isi statistics protocol --nodes=all --protocols=lsass_in,lsass_out --total --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded