End User Computing


EMC's End-User Computing solutions enable the consolidated management of their end-user services and environments. Backed by EMC's storage and management products—and using desktop-virtualization platforms from VMware and Citrix—organizations can boot thousands of desktops in just minutes, while simplifying support models and boosting the security of internal corporate data.












Deciding if an End User Computing solution is right for you and how to implement it can be a hard decision. There are different paths to explore and different decisions for each path. Here you can start exploring those paths and find out which one is right for your needs. You can discover new solutions for your end user computing needs from do it yourself projects all the way to self service desktops in a hybrid cloud.






A good starting point is deciding how to be successful in your journey to desktop virtualization. You could build the solution yourself which gives you a custom made system unique to your needs. To make it easier you can engage a VSPEX partner and use a Reference Architecture for a VDI solution. If you want to skip having to build a solution entirely you can get it delivered on a Vblock. And for those seeking a solution with minimal hardware and maximum cloud usage there is Desktop as a Service (DaaS).













As you journey down each of these paths to your VDI solution you can explore more of the technologies and how each can add to your design. The two most common hypervisors for VDI are VMware and Citrix. Each can be part of the solutions mentioned above. To find out more about these hypervisors visit the community links below.




















What if you want to get more out of an EUC solution. Then what? You can enhance your results by using other parts of the Federation. The Federation brings together products from RSA, VMware, Pivotal, and EMC to help you get the most from your environment.


An example of this would be the need for multi-factor authentication when users login to their desktops. Leveraging RSA technologies you can enhance your environment and make it even more secure.














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