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In today's business environment, nearly every company project is ultimately an IT project. Business projects need new applications, new services and new environments. Decisions about application placement, consumption, and performance are becoming more complex. At the same time, pressure is increasing on IT to cut through complexity and deliver services and applications quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Cloud computing is the key to delivering IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), giving IT the flexibility and speed they need to effectively manage costs, enhance service delivery, and increase business revenue, all while meeting the evolving expectations of a tech-savvy, mobile workforce.


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Bringing Hybrid Cloud Services to Your Customers

With an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, you can offer your customers / users / business units the best of all worlds: the ability for IT to offer consumer choice without sacrificing control. the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud gives you automated, on-premise infrastructure that enables IT to become a service broker, not just a service provider. At the same time, an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud offers easy connectivity and seamless management to public cloud service providers such as VMware vCloud Air.



An Enterprise Hybrid Cloud brings together best-in-class technology from  EMC, VCE, and VMware, to automate delivery of a well-run hybrid-cloud solution. Best-in-class technology combines the trust, control, and reliability of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility, and low cost of public clouds.

vRealize Automation, together with vRealize Orchestrator, automates delivery and management of IT services and workloads, while vRealize Business enables visibility into the true cost of cloud services.

To your IT department, this means rapid and agile service delivery, error-free deployments, and simplified management. To your end users, it means push-button access to create and manage their own workloads and data.  For your business groups and your Finance department, the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud means financial transparency: the cloud will show which users are accessing which resources and services, and how much those services cost. For everybody in the organization, an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud means that IT resources transparently provide the services that align with the business.

An Enterprise Hybrid Cloud provides IT the choice they need without sacrificing control over IT services. With an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, IT can offer 100% automated provisioning, scale-up/down elastic capacity, and simplified operations - both on-premise and off. And an ITaaS model drives business alignment, efficiency, and improved end-user satisfaction.

Why Adopt an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?

An Enterprise Hybrid Cloud accelerates the deployment and adoption of your mission-critical workloads. EMC’s solutions are based on our best-of-breed storage, networking, virtualization, and management products, combined to give you unprecedented flexibility and performance.

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