RecoverPoint REST API Developer Kit For Version-4.0


RecoverPoint REST API

The newly published RecoverPoint REST interface provides users with access to the same functional API and management capabilities as being used internally. In fact, starting release 3.4, the RecoverPoint GUI layer has been using the functional API exclusively to communicate with the RecoverPoint server while several other EMC applications including RM, AppSync and Networker have been implemented using this API as well.


The REST API offers the benefits of a modern open interface in a robust fashion. Unlike CLI, the REST API is designed to maintain backwards compatibility in future releases.

The RecoverPoint Functional API, exposed using REST, addresses the demand for customers and partners to enable:

  • Customized reporting
  • Sophisticated automation of management activities
  • Integration into existing management platforms
  • Multi-Tenant management, as required by Service Providers
  • 3rd party solutions that add value on top of RecoverPoint


One of the advantages of REST is how simple it is for software developers to start using API. All a developer really needs is the documentation.


To further assist developers, we are making available the RecoverPoint Simulator which fully supports the REST interface. The Simulator can accelerate the development process by quickly validating the API use by the software program before going into full fledged testing.



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REST API Documentation


RecoverPoint Simulator

Source Code Samples