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EMC helps optimize performance and increase productivity with reduced cost for SAP system landscapes and infrastructure. EMC technologies and solutions for SAP help customers help:


Automated SAP Performance Management EMC tiered storage platforms include the use of fully automated storage tiering (FAST VP) which allows storage to self-adjust the use of storage resources (server and storage flash) without the need for SAP administrator intervention. This helps SAP administrators achieve 3X faster response times to SAP processes with 80% less tuning.

XtremIO SAP architecture enhances SAP Landscape environments with linearly scaleable IOPS and capacity, and delivers consistent and predictable sub-millisecond IOPS for mixed SAP Landscape architectures.

Lower cost with Fully Automated Storage Tiering EMC tiered storage and software allows SAP customers to automate storage tiering based on SAP application policies. This has been shown to reduce TCO 25-37% for SAP infrastructure.

Enable Self-Service SAP system cloning and refresh – EMC Replication Manager enables the use of clones or snapshots to quickly create read/writeable copies of SAP applications data at disk-to-disk speeds. Full clones can be used for recovery or space saving snapshots for test, development, quality assurance, reporting or other purposes. This has been shown to make replication of SAP up to 10X faster to perform.

EMC has integrated with SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM) empowering SAP administrators with use of EMC replication directly for further ease of management.

XtremIO Writable Agile snapshots provide a unique zero performance impact I/O experience for all SAP volumes.

Replicate SAP With Less Storage EMC storage platforms provide snap and clone capabilities to enable SAP environments to create read/writeable snap copies of applications which consume up to 25-30% less storage and can be used for reporting, test, development, or other uses.

XtremIO SAP architecture maximizes SAP landscape performance and efficiency through consolidation, with zero-cost snapshots, and integrated data services. XtremIO Data Reduction optimizes SAP data with in-line, always on, unstoppable de-duplication and compression.