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  • Recorded: June 26, 2013
  • Topic: Software Defined Data Center
  • Guest Speaker: Aaron Chaisson
  • Hosted by: Jon Owings and Jim Sanzone
  • Total Run Time: 30 mins



The software defined datacenter is a vision of an infrastructure that drives itself...and all we need to do as administrators is provide the right policies, automation, and orchestration behind it to enable the services that our customers (both internal and external) need to drive thier businesses.  In this session, Aaron Chaisson will lay out a relatable story or analogy for making the vision of the software defined data center (SDDC) relevant and understandable.  He will demonstrate why the SDDC is so important for the future of our IT and business endeavors, and how without it, our highly virtualized datacenters will never be as efficient, agile, or as beneficial to the business as the could be.


Aaron will also spend some time defining the concepts behind the software defined data center, to help connect the dots between the relatable story into more concrete elements of what makes up a software defined data center.


Lastly, the conversation will shift into the technology and solutions that are available to our customers today.  What can we sell today and where should our customers be starting on thier journey to the software defined datacenter?


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