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Welcome to the EMC Solutions Insider.  This is a webcast published weekly (or more often) for the EMC and Partner SE community by Global Solutions Marketing.  The aim of this content is to help you to sell, size, and demonstrate the value of EMC-Family solutions to our customers.


The sessions presented and archived of this webcast are going to help to enable the SE community to have deeper solution-based conversations with our customers, and provide them the guidance that to continue to transform their customer conversations from product-focused to solution-focused.  Part sales, part technical, and part strategy.


Through interviews, presentations, and demos, these presentations will be aired on YouTube, and indexed and documented on the EMC Community Network, and made available to the partners and the public.  In an effort to be as transparent as possible, the content presented here will also be visible to our customers.  This way, we all learn about the solutions together.


Content for these events is driven and prioritized by Global Solutions Marketing and Pre-sales Teams focused on the quarter's current sales plays and the needs of the greater SE community.  Please send us more suggestions!


Each session is recorded with both Video & Audio, and then distributed in several different ways to make it as easy as possible for the team to consume it...

  • MP4 and MP3 content available directly from the ECN Site
  • Audio podcast available from iTunes
  • Youtube Videos
  • (and open to any other distribution method that makes sense)


Questions to be answered in each webcast...

•         What problem does this solution address for the customer?

•         What is the solution, how does it work, and what does it do?

•         When is the right time to have this conversation?

•         Who is the target user? What is the target use case?

•         How is it being used in practice...case/customer studies?

•         What other EMC products and solutions are tangential to this solution?

•         How is the solution implemented? Sevices, Partners, Customer Self-install?


Lastly...each session will be abstracted along with relevant links or presentations discussed, and can be easily searched on the ECN site using the tag "Solutions Insiders" or by reviewing the list below and clicking on the "INFO" link to see the notes.


Index / Archive of the sessions that have been recorded...


Info LinkDate RecordedTopicGuest SpeakeriTunesYoutube
MORE INFOJune 26, 2013Software Defined Data CenterAaron ChaissonLINKLINK
MORE INFOAug 16, 2013vHadoop & VMware Big Data ExtensionsJames RuddyLINKLINK