Configuring VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with EMC® VNXe Storage

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.1 allows IT administrators to plan, test, and execute the recovery of virtual machines between a production environment (Protected site) and its respective disaster recovery environment (Recovery site). In a typical SRM installation, the Protected site provides business-critical datacenter services. The Recovery site is an alternative facility to which these services migrate.

By leveraging SRM with VNXe series storage, SRM can automate the migration of the virtual environments through integration of array-based replication and management of the replicated datastores. The VNXe systems handle the array-based replication of the VMware datastores between the Protected and Recovery sites. SRM servers coordinate the operations of the replicated VNXe systems and vCenter servers at the Protected and Recovery sites. When virtual machines at the Protected site shut down, virtual machines at the recovery site start up and assume responsibility for providing the same services, using the data replicated from the production site.

The recovery plan determines the migration of the Protected site. The recovery plan specifies information about the virtual machines, such as:

  • What networks are accessible
  • The sequence of power up and power down
  • Any allocated resources

SRM, integrated with the VNXe series, also tests recovery plans with a copy of the replicated data. This allows operations at either site not to be disrupted.

Release Documentation

Attached release documentation showcases how to configure SRM with VNXe series storage running the VNXe OE v2.4.0 code release.