xCelerator: Investigative Case Management Prototype

xCelerator Author: Nick King, EMC (nking)



The Investigative Case Management (ICM) xCelerator is a sample application that that seeks to demonstrate many of the key features of xCP 2.0 such as:


  • Dynamic case handling based on configurable case templates.  The system delivers a case template taxonomy that is fully configurable and a dynamic process flow using business events.
  • Comprehensive task assignment options.  The application demonstrates assigning tasks to individuals, groups of individuals, system roles and queues, from where a user can either take a task or have a task allocated by a supervisor.
  • Rich user interface that is accessible from a mobile device as well as a desktop PC. The entire application has been built based on an iPad screen size and can be demonstrated from an iPad.
  • Output management.  The xCelerator demonstrates how documentation can be automatically generated as part of a case handling process, saving time and re-key errors.
  • Mapping integration - not just showing a single location on a map but extraction of geolocation information from a group of images for display on a map.
  • Interactive charts.




The application has been configured to demonstrate how xCP 2.0 can support an integrated justice system, handling case information from the point of an incident being registered through to a case being tried in court and outcome recorded.  The application could easily be repurposed however for other scenarios as the application provides a framework for case based applications in any vertical.  This is achieved simply by changing the case type taxonomy, adding different forms and letter templates, adding new case phases (simple processes that have 3 or 4 activities in them) and changing some text labels.

The ICM prototype has been built to be as self-contained as possible so that it can be deployed without the need for additional components such as Captiva and xPression, whilst still showing how documents can be captured and generated as part of case handling.

Installation takes approximately 15 minutes and comes pre-configured to begin demonstrating the application.

Release Notes

1.0.0     Dec 19th 2012 - Initial release

1.0.0     Jan 8th 2013 - Updated install guide to include additonal steps needed when deploying into a docbase with a different name to mine!

1.0.1     Jan 16th 2013 - Bug fixes


Downloadable Content


DownloadList of Contents
ICM xCelerator Overview and Installation Guide
  • Overview and Installation Guide
ICM xCelerator Full Download
  • Overiew and Installation Guide
  • Installation Files and Deployment Utility
  • Sample Files
  • xCP Application
  • Short Screencam
  • Copyright and License Info



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