Introducing EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage



EMC ViPR is a revolutionary approach to storage automation and management that transforms existing heterogeneous physical storage into a simple, extensible and open virtual storage platform. The video below is a an introduction to EMC ViPR.




EMC ViPR provides true storage virtualization without compromise.  ViPR abstracts and virtualizes storage while maintaining the unique capabilities of the underlying storage arrays.  Once virtualized, storage delivery and management is simple.  ViPR automates provisioning by creating pre-defined policy-driven virtual storage arrays and delivers self-service access to storage.   It centralizes storage management and monitors utilization, performance and health all though a single interface across physical and virtual storage.  And, because ViPR is software-defined, it can easily extend to support non-EMC arrays and integrate with cloud stacks.  ViPR is the first truly open software-defined storage platform. Through de-facto industry standard APIs including Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift and EMC Atmos, ViPR frees data and applications from storage dependencies and enables IT to meet new workloads and use cases with existing infrastructure. Through a vibrant and open development community, developers can create and leverage new data services.


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