xCelerator: Image Geolocation Extraction

xCelerator Author: Nick King, EMC (nking)



Image Geolocation Extraction xCelerator provides a mechanism for extracting the geolocation information from an image in the repository.  It is packaged as a custom java module that can be called from a business process.


Once the latitude and longitude have been extracted this information can be used to pinpoint the location that the image was taken on a map.  An additional method is included in this xCelerator that will return a Google map marker based on a sequential number.  This is necessary if you wish to show the location of more than 26 images on a map because a marker can only consist of a single letter.  This secondary method returns a colour and letter based on the sequence number i.e. ‘1’ is returned as a red ‘A’ whereas 27 is returned as a blue ‘A’.


The xCelerator is supplied as a standalone Java Module that can be deployed to your application and as part of a sample application showing how to use it.  There are also some sample images that can be imported into the repository and used to test the deployment of the module.





The target users are:

  • xCP Designers
  • xCP Developers
Downloadable Content


DownloadList of Contents
Image Geolocation Extraction xCelerator Installation and User Guide
  • Installation and User Guide
Image Geolocation Extraction xCelerator Full Download
  • Installation and User Guide
  • Installation Files
  • Sample Application
  • License and Copyright Info



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