xCelerator: Clean Theme

xCelerator Author: Nick King, EMC (nking)

The ability to apply a theme to your xCP 2.x application is great, but we don't often have time to spend creating a custom theme for every application that we build, which is where this theme comes in.

This xCelerator provides a general-purpose theme that removes the default header bar on column boxes and the page background image, and at the same time delivers a set of classes that can be applied to elements of a page to make them visually appealing such as with shaded columns, rounded corners and buttons with different sizes & colours.

The theme is defined to use a main colour and a complementary colour, which can easily be updated if required by editing a few lines in the SCSS text file.

Before and after shots of a page with the theme applied are shown below.



Downloadable Content


DownloadList of Contents
Clean Theme xCelerator Installation and User Guide
  • Installation and User Guide
Clean Theme xCelerator Full Download
  • Installation and User Guide
  • Installation Files
  • License and Copyright Info
CleanTheme_2.1.0.jarUpdated library for xCP 2.1 GA Version
CleanTheme_2.1.1.jarUpdated library for xCP 2.1 Patch 01
CleanTheme_2.1.2.jarUpdated library for xCP 2.1 Patch 02
xcptcln.CleanTheme_2.2.0.jarUpdated library for xCP 2.2




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