xCelerator: Simple Document Generation

xCelerator Author: Nick King, EMC (nking)

Simple Document Generation xCelerator provides a mechanism for producing basic Word and PDF documents from an XML template, such as an acknowledgement letter or a standardised welcome letter.  It is packaged as a custom java module that can be called from a business process.

In both cases a template XML file is stored in the repository that contains a list of elements to insert into the new document.  Templates can include images (referenced by URL), paragraphs of text, two heading styles and variables that represent text passed from your xCP application such as a case reference number, customer name or custom paragraph of text.

In the case of PDF generation an XSL is applied that uses FOP to render to PDF. For Word the open-source API ‘Java2Word’ is used to render an MS Word document.  There is a limitation with this API that is used to create Word documents that hardcodes the page size, which is currently set as Letter.



The target users are:

  • xCP Designers
  • xCP Developers


Downloadable Content


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Simple Document Generation xCelerator User Guide
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Simple Document Generation Full Download
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