Resolving 'unable to access security information' error when managing CX-Series array from browser





Point browser at CLARiiON array running Release 12, and it cannot manage it.  Instead, "unable to access security information" error returned.




One of the following may resolve the issue:

  • Try clearing the browser cache and/or Java cache first to see if that fixes the problem. Uninstalling Java and re-installing the very same version (1.4.1_01 or later) has also enabled it to work again.
  • Restarting the Management Server may resolve the issue.
  • See also Navisphere Manager Release 19 Release Notes, which states: "Navisphere 6.X does not support management through a proxy. If you receive the error 'Unable to access security information'  after logging in, make sure that your browser is not set up to go through a proxy. If you are not using a proxy, close all of your browsers and clear the cache in the Java console."


For more information, Refer EMC Knowledgebase article emc73519