Description of Celerra Pre-Upgrade Health Check (PUHC)





Celerra Pre-Upgrade Health Check (PUHC)





The Pre-Upgrade Health Check (PUHC) is a Perl-based utility that performs a series of checks on the local Celerra file server and generates health reports. PUHC has two main functions:

1.        Assess the health of the array prior to an upgrade activity (-pre option).

2.        A the beginning of an upgrade, assess the health of the box (-up option).

Additional functionality is provided with the ProActive Health Check (PAHC) options within the PUHC suite. PAHC functionality allows the checks to be run on an ad hoc basis outside the context of a planned upgrade. The /nas/site/cron.d/nas_sys includes a script that calls "/nas/bin/nas_checkup -auto" once per week. The log files are written to /nas/log.

  • The PUHC master script is /nas/tools/check_nas_upgrade. 
  • Support files are located in /nas/tools/upgrade_check_tools.
  • The /nas/bin/nas_checkup script can be called directly.  This script is used as the interface to PAHC functionality and references the files in /nas/tools.





For more information, Refer EMC Knowledge base article emc43463.