Mission Briefing - “Powering Your Transformation” at EMC World 2013

RAMP Activities for EMC World, 2013

Missions to begin Monday, 6 May at 7 AM PST


Online and Onsite Participation in EMC World, 2013

EMC World, 2013 is just around the corner and the RAMP team wants to assist in Powering Your Transformation. RAMP is offering two activities for the event; an onsite mission for EMC World attendees, and an online mission to help bring the EMC World experience to those unable to attend.

Furthermore, RAMP is pleased to introduce the newest members of the EMC Community Network, the Advanced Software Community, and the Global League of Storage.

Are you ready to power your transformation? If so, read below.

The Prerequisites
Both missions are open to members of the ECN. New members will receive a one-time 100 point bonus, and the first
Frequent Visitor badge upon registration.

“Virtually Powered” – The Online Mission
To complete the Virtually Powered mission, there are four tasks to accomplish. Online mission progress can be tracked by viewing the mission Showcase on the
RAMP Home page.

“Agency Transmissions” – Visit the EMC World vPass page to download or watch an EMC World video. This awards 40 points and the Agency Transmissions badge.

“Been to HQ” – See the Global League of Storage HQ by visiting the Advanced Software community home page. This earns 40 points and the Been to HQ badge.

“Strategy Session” – Create or participate in a discussion in the Advanced Software or RAMP communities. The Strategy Session badge is awarded for the contribution.

“Tapping the Pulse” – Follow the RAMP community on the ECN. This earns an 80 point bonus and the Tapping the Pulse badge. NOTE: If you already Follow the RAMP community, it is necessary to un-Follow, then re-Follow RAMP to earn this achievement.

Completion of all four tasks earns the Virtually Powered mission badge.



“Virtually Powered”, will be available from Monday, 6 May at 7 AM PST and will end on Friday, 7 June, 2013 at 1 PM, PST.

“Powered Up” – The Onsite Mission
EMC World attendees need to install the EMC World application on their smart device. The app provides mission activities and progress monitoring. It is available for download from the
EMC World 2013 Conference App download portal or downloaded directly from these locations:

Powered Up is comprised of three tasks to complete through the mobile application. The mission is active from Monday, 6 May at 7 AM PST, through Wednesday, 8 May at 3:30 PM PST.

“EMC Superhero” – Visit EMC Square in the Village, Hall C, Level 2 for an exclusive augmented reality photo op and share the photo with your social network. You will 100 points, the EMC Superhero badge and a limited edition EMC World 2013 t-shirt.

“Follow the Leader” – Follow #EMCWorld on Twitter or Like EMC World on Facebook. 100 points and the Follow the Leader badge are your rewards.

“Feedbacker” – Complete two breakout session surveys during EMC World to earn 100 points and the Feedbacker badge.

Completing all three tasks by 3:30 PM PST on 8 May, 2013 will enter the player into a VIP drawing and earn the Powered Up badge.


A fourth task is available through the mobile application for attendees, but is not a part of the Powered Up mission.

“Power to be Heard” – Complete the post-conference survey through the mobile application after EMC World to enter a drawing for one of ten MacBook Air laptops.

Mission Rewards

All mission participants will earn various badges and points for their achievements, culminating in a badge reward for completing either (or both) of the missions.

Attendees who complete the onsite mission before Wednesday, 9 May at 3:30 PM PST will be entered into a drawing for one of ten VIP access passes to the EMC World Customer Appreciation Event. Completing the conference survey before 12:30 PM PST on 17 May, 2013 will enter the attendee into a drawing for one of ten MacBook Air laptop computers.