ESG Lab Validation EMC VNX Data Warehouse

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab validated that EMC’s proven solutions based on the VNX family of storage products and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 can be used to create a high-performing, flexible, and resilient data warehouse solution. Using an EMC VNX 5300 storage array with EMC FAST enabled, a Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V enabled SQL Server 2012 columnstore database performed nine times faster when compared to a rowstore database. ESG Lab also used EMC Replication Manager to meet the high resiliency requirements of a data warehouse. An 800GB data warehouse database was restored from a point-in-time replica in just over five minutes.

Taking the level of performance a step further, ESG Lab used an EMC VNX 5500 to show how a virtualized, VMware managed, enterprise-class data warehouse deployment could benefit from EMC’s building block approach. ESG Lab was impressed with the predictable, linear performance produced by choosing to either scale up or scale out. High-availability was verified by running a DSS workload on a VM and completing a live migration. ESG Lab witnessed minimal disruption during the migration and the workload remained running after the migration completed.