VMAX: EMC World 2013



When you're ready to virtualize everything and compromise nothing see how VMAX and VMAX Cloud Edition storage systems deliver mission-critical data center solutions.

Enginuity Update Makes VMAX More Trusted, Smarter

VMAX with Enginuity delivers the  world’s most powerful and trusted storage, now for the Software Defined Data Center.

  • Manage rapid data growth with maximum flexibility and >5-nines availability
  • New performance tools and REST APIs empower VMAX as software-defined storage
  • Windows ODX support copies and clones data up to 100x faster with Microsoft Hyper-V

Visit the VMAX Family Page, Read the Press Release, Read the EMC Pulse Blog Post.

EMC Proven High Performance Solution for Oracle on VMAX

Learn how an EMC Proven High Performance Solution for Oracle on VMAX can increase performance and data center efficiency.

  • The VMAX / XstremSF / CISCO open stack server solution provides superior OLTP IOPS
  • Significant reduction in Oracle Licenses based on same performance IOPS - significantly lowering TCO

Read more about database high performance on VMAX.

Read this Q&A with VMAX Experts.

Customer Videos

Accenture and Navitaire Trust in VMAX

ViaWest  delivers superior customer experience using VMAX Cloud Edition

Photo Booth Data City Defenders

fb-photo2.jpgWhile they waited for a seat to open up at the six station game lounge,
attendees hammed it up as they posed for their super hero photos

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VMAX_Fridge.jpgAfter posing for their photos and playing the game, many of them turned their attention to the V-Fridge that Brian introduced in his keynote.  There was a big demand for this novelty item and over 100 attendees submitted their names for the raffle drawing.  The lucky winner will be selected at the end of the show.

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tweet-icon-small.gifTop Tweets: @Stringbe4n: Awesome #VMAX fridge at #EMCWorld!.

tweet-icon-small.gifTop Tweets: @diegonieva80: Shook hands with the guy (or mind) behind the new #VMAX #cloud edition SLA tiering. #LikeMeetingTonyStark | #EMCWORLD @EMCVMAX @EMCworld #fb.

“Having access to so many of our global accounts in one forum is invaluable for moving our business forward with some of our most strategic customers.  It was great to participate in a dialogue with them about the Third Platform and Software Defined Data Centers.” – Coley Burke, ESD Director of Sales

“I learned a lot from the ESD Booth about software-defined storage, and Brocade’s 5th generation fibre channel.” – MK Kanthasany, ESD Customer



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Brian Gallagher's Keynote

Backstage with Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher Raffles Off the VMAX VFRIDGE

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Cloud Defender Game



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