Sizing EMC VNX Series for VDI Workloads

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This white paper provides sizing guidelines to choose the appropriate storage resources to implement virutal desktop infrastructure (VDI).  The sizing guidelines are for EMC VNX unified storage arrays.  This paper also provides information about how VDI architecture use storage systems.  These guidelines will help implementation engineers to choose the appropriate VNX system for thier VDI environment.


This document provides insight and guidance for VMware View w/ Composer as well as Citrix XenDesktop with MCS & PVS configurations.


A well thought-out design and implementation plan is critical to building a successful VDI environment that provides predictable performance to end users and scalability for rthe desktop administrators.  When designing a VDI environment, consider the profile of the end users, the service level agreements (SLAs) that must be fulfilled, and the desired user experience.  When implementing VDI, the CPU, memory, network utilization, and storage are shared among virtual desktops.  The design should ensure that all desktops are given enough resources at all times.


Topics covered in this whitepaper...

  • VDI Technology Overview
  • VDI I/O Patterns
  • Sizing VNX series for VDI workloads

  • Deployment considerations for VDI sizing


This set of resources will help to create an intial understanding of the VDI storage rquirements, and why the EMC VNX series solutions with FAST Cache are uniquely positioned to ensurea a successful implementation of your VDI design.


White PaperPowerpoint Presentation XLS Sizing Guide


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Originally Published:  December 2012


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  • White Paper:  EMC DOC ID: H11096
  • Powerpoint Companion
  • Excel-based Estimating Tool

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