EMC Proven Infrastructure for VMAX with Citrix XenDesktop 5.6, PVS 6.1 on VMware vSphere 5.1 for 5000 Users

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This document descibes and EMC end-user computing solution for 5000 desktops with Citrix XenDesktop and Provisioning Services.  It is intended to be a comprehensive guide for the technical aspects of this solution.  Server capacity is provided in generic terms for the required minimums of CPU, memory, and network interfaces; you may select server and networking hardware that mee or exceed the stated minimums.



EMC Symmetrix VMAX 10K is proven to be highly scalable and reliable.  It is capable of accomodating the storage performance and capacity requiremetns of a large scal end user computing soltuion build on Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix Provisioning Services, and VMware vSphere.


The VMAX 10K configuration featured in this document can support 5,000 active virtual desktops, delivering a superior end user experience even during periods of heavy load.

  • EMC FAST VP enables Symmetrix VMAX 10K storage arrays to maximize storage efficiency, and provide autotiering of virtual desktop storage to the most suitable storage tier, while ensuring that performance is maintained.
  • With Symmetrix VMAX 10K's integration with VMware, the virtual desktop infrastructure is relatively simple to provision and manage.
  • The Symmetrix VMAX 10K architecture is highly scalable and can be expanded to support greater numbers of virtual desktops.
  • The Symmetrix VMAX 10K can easily servie the peak IOPS encoutered durign common end user computing workloads, such as logon storms, boot storms, and antivirus scan storms.


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Originally Published:  December 2012


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