EMC Infrastructure for Virtual Desktops Enabled by EMC VNX Series (NFS), Cisco UCS, Citrix XenDesktops 5.5 (PVS), XenApp 6.5, and XenServer 6

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Reference Architecture:

The purpose of this reference architecture is to build and demonstrate the functionality, performance, and scalability of virtual desktops enabled by the EMC VNX series, Cisco UCS< Citrix XenDesktop 5.5, XenApp 6.5, and XenServer 6.  This solution is build on Citrix PVS with XeDesktop 5.5, and an EMC VNX5300 platform with multiprotocol support, which provides NFS storage for the XenServer Stroage Repository (SR), CIFS-Based storage for the user data and XenApp profiles, and TFTP support for the Citrix Provisioning Server.

Reference ArchitectureProven Solutions Guide


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Originally Published:  April 2012

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  • Reference Architecture:  EMC DOC ID: H10598
  • Proven Solutions Guide: EMC DOC ID: H10627


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